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Six Gun for Hire

The American cowboy style appeared in a different way around 1865. From that day to this day, this amazing cowboy outfit has become world famous. Men feel confident about their manhood when they wear denim jeans and a leather jacket with matching gloves. So, a cowboy look is a matter of pride for some, and style for others.

Many new Western styles of clothing were adopted. Whether you’re wearing cowboy jeans or enjoying a great hat, it all catches the Texas touch, as well as the modern style. This line of costumes is available for both men and women, as they are actually at costume parties, theme combinations and Halloween, too. How interesting this outfit can be, by recognizing the games of the old western band Six Gun for Hire, who wear special western style clothing.

Cowboy hats

The cowboy is finally identified by his hat. In fact, it is said that hats were 6.5 creedmoor ammo such an important part of the life of cowboys that they were worn only to greet women or to sleep or pray. These hats are now available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. The girls love to show off at summer festivals, and the boys wear them to bring a touch of masculinity to them.

Old shirts

Cowboy shirts are made mainly of plain cotton or wool. These shirts come in bright colors like red, brown, sunset, blue, etc. There are some shirts that are more casual and popular with teenagers. A casual jean shirt is popular with fashionistas, who have leather straps, large shiny buttons and twin chest pockets. Also, satin shirts with embroidered patterns are also a popular choice for many. The same shirts are worn by members of the singing group Six Gun for Hire.


Adding a fashionable touch to a cowboy western dress, vests are a wonderful addition to that look. Leather vests are a regular favorite, with stylish side pockets. Also, these vests are available in jeans style with metal buttons and thin pockets to suit your taste.


Who doesn’t love cowboy pants that give you a typical Texas look? These pants are made of denim or wool. To give it an extra western touch, there are now many types and styles of Chaps available. These chap were worn over the trousers by cowboys as wraps to protect their legs. Now, these machap come in different colors to suit your style and give you a fashionable look.

Cowboy boots

In the end, your appearance as a western cowboy will never end, unless you wear regular boots. They are an integral part of the Western lifestyle. Everyone loves boots with high heels. This one with glittering leather and zipper to the ankles is really popular with both boys and girls these days, and it is worn over a pair of specially designed ankle boots.

To create a typical western look, it is important to wear fabrics with its additional accessories. For example, scarves, hats, bandages, ties, gloves, big belts, etc., are all there to add a sparkling cowboy touch to your outfit.

JA Hunter is the owner of the Old West Reenactment team in Nebraska where they are doing the historic OK Corral battle that took place in Tombstone Arizona. The group visits the country and occasionally exhibits in the surrounding districts. Dressed in costumes from the 1800s, they looked like they had just come out of a film collection, the team also rode a shotgun from a horse running full of balloons and six Colt.45 rifles. They performed the shows and found the Governor and senators of the country as well as the famous Cattlemen's Ball and state fair, the average age of the group is between the middle and the end of the forties. When asked why they do this they all agree that "It is the only way we know how to be a child and play the action no matter how old they are".

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